This Sunday afternoon 19th July, at the slightly later time of 5pm, we will be holding the last Sunday session before the summer break. This will be a theory session on "ringing Cambridge".
Wednesday evening virtual practices will continue throughout the summer on from 7pm. All are welcome to join us. Please email the Branch Secretary for details if you don't already have them.
From September, Sundays events will resume if the support is there.  Please let the Ringing Master or Branch Secretary know if you would like theory sessions to be part of that, maybe on a monthly basis.
A message from Swindon Branch Committee - 24th February 2020

We are thinking about launching a wide scale recruitment campaign to find new learners, but before embarking on such an exercise we would like your input! The primary benefit we can see from this approach is that by reaching out to a much wider audience, the potential number of recruits that are found will increase significantly. Whilst this approach can’t promise recruits for every tower or where they are most needed, it has been proven to strengthen numbers in the branch as a whole which can only benefit all towers in the long term. This has been done successfully in the past in Milton Keynes and Taunton, with dozens of people having been taught to ring following a successful recruitment drive and impressive retention figures two year later.

This is where you can help us! All thoughts and ideas however wacky are welcome on this subject for example we could bring a mini ring into the town to act as a ‘hook’ to give people an opportunity to have a go. What location or town event would it be good for this to be done at? We are thinking about an article for Link magazine – could you help with the art content needed for this? Plus are you a project manager or have contacts in the media or other skills that you think might be helpful in bringing this idea to fruition? It would be a large-scale project which would need helpers, teachers, IT skills, tea makers, talkers and more besides. We would welcome all of your thoughts and ideas and of course, also any offers to get involved!